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Frequently asked questions

Unlike many large dominant marketplaces, at Basket we give you a price guarantee.
We do not have sales staff, and we do not get people onboard with cheap promises, hidden costs with complicated/confusing pricing models and then hit our store owners with countless extra hidden fees later on.
There are no listing fees, and we charge a simple flat sales fee regardless of the product category and only when a sale is completed.

Tatamax Amazon Etsy eBay
Fees 0% Up to 45% Up to 6.5% Up to 15%
Listing Fees No listing fees + Listing fee + Listing fee + Listing fee
Monthly Fees No Additional fees + Monthly fees + Monthly fees + Monthly fees
Other Fees No Other fees + Other fee + Other fee + Other fee
Payment Processing Fees 3% + £0.20 + £0.20 + £0.20

*Figures published on named company websites on 15th August 2022

Yes. Just set up as a ‘Sole Trader’ during the registration process.

Basket has devised an amazingly simple fast-track account opening process for both personal and business users. Just select register on and you will be presented with 4 account options:

  • I am Private
  • I am Seller
  • I have Company
  • I am Manufacturer
For all your shopping needs and listing your items locally on a cash on collection basis for free. For professional traders and businesses to sell their goods, with secure online payment and delivery. Select the account you require and then just following the simple steps and complete the information required.